Monday, 5 April 2010

6 - ADSR & Modulation

A second modulator has been added, which allows the modulating signal to be modulated as well. This allows more complex tones to be created by adding even more harmonics and or in-harmonics.
Both modulators are now contained inside subpatches, to make them more manageable and to create a more logical layout which avoids clutter.

The amp envelope has been replaced by an 'adsr~' object, which enables control of attack, decay, sustain and release in relation to note on and off triggers.

The envelope is triggered by a '1' message, sent whenever a note is played and deactivated by a '0' message when a note is lifted.
A 'preset' object has also been inserted within the 'QWERTY' subpatch, which can now be used to alter the octave of which the QWERTY keys control.

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