Wednesday, 3 March 2010

2 - More Synthesis

More synthesis here including some new objects. Number boxes have been added to allow modification of the oscillator frequency and amplitude level, they are 'flonum' objects which allow decimal points, as opposed to 'number' objects which will only support whole integers. Also in this patch there is a message combiner 'pack' object, 'line~' signal ramp generator and '*~' multiplier objects.

The purpose of the 'line~' object is to create smooth changes when the volume is adjusted, as without these audible artefacts (clicks) are present as the volume jumps from one value to another. The 'pack' object combines the value entered via the 'volume box' with a value which determines the time, in milliseconds, for the envelope of the 'line~' object to change between the volume values. To demonstrate, the number box below the line object displays the current value of the amplitude level and I have entered an envelope time of 1000 milliseconds so it is at a speed at which is visible.

The multiplier object simply calculates the oscillator signal and the signal controlling amplitude to enable volume changes.

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